At Tomorrow’s People College, we focus on the holistic growth of the individual. We set an example for learners and parents alike through our grit, forward-thinking attitude, love for knowledge and respect for high values. We want to be perceived as proactive and determined while standing out as a school that empowers learners. Our approach is consistent, reliable and trustworthy, and we aim to develop 100% of the available potential in all our learners.


Head Boy of 2022

To lead is to serve. A good leader is, first and foremost, a servant of their people, not a dictator. It is someone who puts the needs of the people before their own, every time, without having to be asked, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes them. A good leader leads by example, so to be a good leader, a person must be at their best to set the standard they want their people to follow.

 This was the standard I set for myself and expected myself to uphold throughout the year. The idea with a bar like this is to aim for excellence, hoping that I will at least be a good leader even if I fall short of it. My advice for the next generation of leaders is to aim for excellence and not perfection because then, I know you’ll all be a leader who leads by example.


Amanda Ozah


I have come a long way to tell you how much the school has taught me. This school has made me the person I am today, and I thank the school for this. The school has taught me to be strong and believe in my abilities no matter how many hardships I went through. I am thankful to be able to serve this school.

The milestone over these past 12 years will help me to remember this school forever. My advice to the next generation of the school is this: Learn to follow your own heart and not let other people take your success away from you. Even going through many hills and bumps, do not give up. These obstacles are there to make you stronger. As the Grade 12’s, we would also like to bid farewell to the school, and I would like to thank the principal for what she has done for us.

Thabiso McKay

Head Boy of 2021

When I think about School Leadership, I think of what it means to the TPC community, not to me alone. Leadership is a concept that is sometimes hard to explain because it can mean many things to many people. Leadership occurs in the classroom, sports field, playground, and many more places.

To me, a great leader is not someone who never makes mistakes but is willing to take chances and do what is right, regardless of the outcome. I believe that a successful and worthy leader possesses the following qualities:


Serving and Helping others.

Living and Leading by example.

Having a positive attitude, and

Always striving to do their best.



As an independent school, Tomorrow’s People College is associated with several educational organisations and associations. These affiliations ensure that our learners receive the necessary accreditation and recognition for their academic and sports achievements.