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A word from our principal

“Tomorrow’s People College is a mainstream school where smooth integration takes place between mainstream learners and learners with specific learning difficulties and where the full potential of every individual child is realised, in mainstream, remedial and special needs contexts. The vision of the school is, therefore, to develop each child’s potential to the fullest. Some are born with 100-fold potential, some with 60-fold and others with 30-fold. Our aim is to develop 100% of the 100-fold, 100% of the 60-fold and 100% of 30-fold. Our educators receive regular input to train and motivate them to understand the diverse profiles of the children they teach. We are most proud of our children when they reach measurable milestones according to our vision of developing their full potential.”

Zelna Botes – Principal of Tomorrow’s People College
(Parents with enrolled learners ONLY)
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Covid -19

We follow all prescribed protocols and are Covid -19 compliant.

We do not walk in fear but apply a sound mind to keep us safe.

Online school
Due to Covid -19 we developed an online school through Microsoft Education using Microsoft TEAMS

2021 – No increase in school fees