At Tomorrow’s People College, we provide a range of services that help your child to develop into a healthy and productive adult. We know that school is not just about academics. Happy children require a varied mix of activities and support structures to help make the most of their school years. Let’s explore some of the services on offer.



Tomorrow’s People Group Practice

Through the Tomorrow’s People Group Practice, we provide in-house Speech and Occupational Therapy to learners in need of critical, professional interventions. Such learners may be in either our Mainstream, Remedial, or Special Needs Streams. These support services are not typical education services but are aimed at improving your child’s learning experience.

Our practice is registered at the Health Professions Council of South Africa (Practice No. 5000947). It hosts four Speech Therapists and four Occupational Therapists. We also use the services of Child Psychiatrists and Developmental Paediatricians. We have an Educational Psychologist to provide further support and academic assessments to learners.


Tomorrow’s People Group Practice

Additional Math, English and Afrikaans classes are offered by our educators. FET additional classes will be made available as required.


We provide aftercare services for learners up to and including Grade 7. Please note that we do not offer any aftercare services after 17:30. For more detailed aftercare pricing, kindly visit our Pre-Primary and Primary School pages.

aftercare hours




We encourage all our learners to participate in sports. We are a member of SACSSA (South African Christian School’s Sports Association). This affiliation enables us to compete against smaller private schools and helps our learners to develop valuable physical and social skills.

Ultimate Frisbee


We provide many extramural activities. These services are presented either internally or externally by professional service providers. We advise our learners to choose at least one extramural activity per term. For more information on our various services, please visit our Parents’ Portal.


Our uniforms are available from Constantia Outfitters who stock the complete range of Pre-Primary, Primary and High School uniforms.



Unfortunately, Tomorrow’s People College does not offer boarding for our learners. Therefore, we will not be able to assist with any boarding-related queries.

Pricing of Services

For more info on the pricing of therapy and other activities, kindly contact us via our Admissions or Contact pages.


Besides quality education, we provide Aftercare services for Grade 1 – 7 learners. We also require parents to buy Annual School Packs to better equip learners for the year ahead. We purchase Workbooks on your behalf, while you pay School and Annual School Pack fees. Visit our Admissions page for more info.