At Tomorrow’s People College, we focus on the holistic growth of the individual. We set an example for learners and parents alike through our grit, forward-thinking attitude, love for knowledge and respect for high values. We want to be perceived as proactive and determined while standing out as a school that empowers learners. Our approach is consistent, reliable and trustworthy, and we aim to develop 100% of the available potential in all our learners.



We are a private English-medium school that holistically develops children from the age of 18-months to Grade 12. Our approach is self-sustaining and incorporates Mainstream, Remedial and Special Needs education. We provide a balanced academic offering that covers the full spectrum of the CAPS Curriculum.

We believe each child is born with a different potential, some with 100-fold, some with 60-fold and others with 30-fold. As a dedicated team we want to develop a 100% of the 100-fold, 100% of the 60-fold and 100% of the 30-fold.

Our class sizes are kept small to provide your child with the optimum amount of individual attention. We also provide a range of therapy services to help all our pupils develop their full potential.

Located in Faerie Glen, our College is within reach of major thoroughfares. We also operate a Pre-Primary School in Menlo Park.


To promote sound moral principles, we operate on Christian values. This means that we rely on biblical foundations and character building to help our learners grow. We develop all our young men and women equally, including those with learning challenges.



Through the years, we have had many learners come into our doors. Many of them have experienced tremendous victories in overcoming learning difficulties. Below we celebrate our learners who embraced their full potential.


When your child cries when he is ill, not because he is feeling unwell, but because he is unhappy with having to stay home and not attend school, you know in your heart that you have found a school that is as near perfect as you have wished for, and we count our blessings each and every day!


The silent Gr 1 child never spoke a word to me for almost six months. However, his eyes followed me wherever I went. He listened to stories, enjoying it, but never answered questions. With support from the principal, educators, therapists, and parents, he could progress to Gr 2 by the end of the year. The silent child is now a talkative Gr 7 learner in our mainstream, and he is doing well.



Our day-to-day operations are conducted by our Principal, Zelna Botes, our various Heads of Department (HODs), and our excellent academic and sports staff. All our educators are registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE).


Located in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East, our Pre-Primary School enrols children from 18-months-old to Grade R. At our Primary School, we invest in the holistic development of learners from Grades 1 to 6. Our High School enrols learners from Grades 7 to 12. All children are born with differing abilities, but we aim to develop 100% of their available potential.

Remedial & Special Needs Education also available (learn more)

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