Remedial and Special Needs

Our Remedial and Special Needs (LSEN) classes help learners with specific learning difficulties to smoothly integrate into our wider school environment. The Tomorrow’s People College approach was developed by Zelna Botes, a qualified speech therapist with a post-graduate diploma in remedial education. She realised that many of her patients could function fully if they were exposed to the right mixture of love, therapy and education.

Our vision is to develop each child to their fullest potential. Children are born with differing abilities; however, our aim is to develop 100% of their available potential.

what we do

Learners who struggle to adjust to our Mainstream Classes due to specific educational needs are welcomed into our Remedial and Special Needs Streams. The Tomorrow’s People Group Practice provides in-house Speech and Occupational therapy to learners in these streams and is registered at the Health Professions Council of South Africa (Practice No. 5000947). Our Remedial Stream classes run concurrently with the Mainstream Classes. Our Special Needs Stream serves learners according to levels and not grades. For more about our in-house practice, visit our Services page.



Remedial Stream runs from Pre-Primary to Grade 8. This approach provides your child with holistic academic and social development opportunities, and it helps him/her to make informed subject choices in Grade 9. Please note that no dedicated Remedial Classes are available from Grade 9 onwards. At this age, we encourage our pupils to choose between our Mainstream or Vocational Streams.

In the Special Needs Stream, we follow an adapted and stretched CAPS curriculum resulting in Levels and not Grades.


We purposely limit the sizes of our classes. While our Mainstream Classes accommodate 18-20 learners, Remedial and Special Needs Classes host no more than 15. Our teacher-to-learner ratios are smaller as we add Assistant Teachers to assist in the Special Needs Stream. This approach allows us to effectively support your child’s specific needs.


pricing and fees

Our Remedial and Special Needs Streams follow the same pricing structure as our Mainstream Classes; however, additional fees will be charged depending on the dedicated support your child requires, i.e. Therapy Fees. In the Special Needs Stream, quarterly fees will also be levied for additional Life Skills Classes. We want to provide your child with an educational environment tailored to their specific needs.